Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker refers to the built-in Bluetooth chip. It replaces the traditional audio equipment connected with the wire through a Bluetooth connection. It can be connected to Bluetooth mobile devices such as mobile phone tablets and notebooks for convenience and speed.
MARIO has many years of sales experience and is renowned for the high quality and cheap price in the bluetooth speaker manufacturers and suppliers in China. Also, our factory supports customized service. Welcome to buy the best bluetooth speaker products from us.
1. Wide application: At present, many electronic devices have bluetooth function, such as, mobile phones, computers, cars, tablet medical machinery and so on. As long as my bluetooth adapter can connect to bluetooth for data transmission or voice calls, it is widely used and has good compatibility.
2. Easy operation: Bluetooth function is a kind of even if technology, which is not so high requirements on the device and is easier to install and set up. It doesn’t need a spool on the connection. The use of relatively simple and convenient, The operation of the forehead door is relatively low.
3. Fast transmission speed: Compared with other infrared lamp and other transmission devices, bluetooth has a huge advantage in transmission calculation. In terms of transmission speed, bluetooth can reach a maximum transmission speed of 24Mbps. The faster the speed, the better the sound quality.
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