4K HDR Network set-top box

4K HDR is a new technology hot word in 2017. Its related devices such as HDR TV, HDR HD player, HDR network set-top box, etc. have become the industry's focus. Mario Technology Launches New Android TV Box Supporting 4K HDR in 2017

Network set-top box

From single-core to quad-core, from Android 4.4 to Android 7.1, the Mario Q1 HD player has brought great surprises to everyone in terms of overall picture quality and performance. Supports a new generation of ultra-high-definition Blu-ray standard, compared with the high-definition Blu-ray standard, the new ultra-high-definition Blu-ray standard has a huge improvement in resolution, color depth, color gamut, contrast and frame resolution up to 3840*2160 (4K resolution) pixels, The clarity is 4 times that of 1080P; support H.265 encoding technology, can save 50% of the bandwidth, and truly achieve 4K high-definition video playback. Support 10-bit color depth, support HDR, support BT.2020 signal, bring wider color gamut space; new upgrade HDMI2.0a, can significantly enhance image quality, show you the ultra-high-definition Blu-ray quality of cutting-edge technology.

In addition to the powerful improvement in picture quality, Q1 is also newly upgraded on the chip. It adopts the Amlogic S905X chip solution and supports 4K HDR high dynamic range technology to provide users with an extraordinary 4K audio and video entertainment experience.

In other details and interface functions, Q1 is also surprising. With HDMI 2.0, the transmission bandwidth is increased from 10Gbps to 18Gbps, and the greater data transmission throughput is enough to allow 10-bit color depth images to be displayed at a high frame rate of 60 frames, enabling smooth playback of ultra-high-definition Blu-ray movies. With full hardware anti-aliasing and anti-flickering technology, it can eliminate the jagged edges of the graphics in the picture, making the picture more smooth and clear, and significantly improving the viewing experience.

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