About 4K HDR

HDR is actually called "high dynamic range display technology," the term was first mentioned or in the field of photography, it is a dynamic picture to enhance the technology, many smart phones now support HDR shooting, it can shoot multiple Different exposure photos and synthesized by HDR technology, after the treatment of photos, a sense of hierarchy. 

Usually we use a ratio, such as "200: 1", "400: 1" and so on, this value depends on the full range of brightness and brightness of the minimum level, we can see the dynamic range, contrast and color accuracy Even better, the naked eye sees images that are clearer, more layered, and more colorful.

4K resolution refers to the horizontal direction of each pixel value reaches or close to 4096, in most cases specifically 4096 * 2160 resolution. Of course, depending on the use of the environment, 4K resolution also has a variety of different resolutions, such as the Academy 4K 3656 * 2664 and UHDTV standard 3840 * 2160 and so on, all belong to the category of 4K resolution. 

The standardized 4K (3840 horizontal pixels), which is capable of up to four times the resolution of high definition, clearly shows every detail in the picture at this resolution. Coupled with bright colors, ultra-realistic sound, the experience is great

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