About AV port

AV interface is also called (RCA), refers to the current number of automotive GPS devices, through their own carrying audio and video terminals, connect AV lines to their own data and image sound, output to other display and audio-visual equipment, such as an external monitor or headphones Etc., the main interface AV composite terminals, S-VIDEO terminals, headphone jacks and so on.

Divided into three lines, namely: audio interface (red and white lines, composed of left and right channels) and video interface (yellow).

Since the AV output is still a video signal that mixes luminance and chrominance, it still requires the display device to separate the luminance and the color, and the decoding can be done. This approach will inevitably result in loss of quality, so the quality of the AV interface is still not satisfactory.

In the connection is very simple, just 3 kinds of color AV cable and the TV side of the 3 colors corresponding interface can be connected.

AV interface to separate the video and audio transmission, thus avoiding the mutual interference of audio and video. However, due to the video transmission also need to decode the brightness and color display, so there is a loss of video transmission, so the basic high-definition video playback have given up the AV interface.

Since some TVs do not have an HD port, So Mario Android TV Box has an HD interface and an AV interface for customers to choose.