About Instagram

About Instagram

2012/4/10: Facebook announced the acquisition of Instagram for $ 1 billion.

2012/10/25: Facebook acquired Instagram for a total of $ 715 million.

2012/12:Instagram, a Facebook-based photo-sharing service that caused an uproar on the Internet,because of its use of new terms for photo-sharing services, clarified that it would not use or sell users' photos in advertisements and thus dispel it The user's concerns.

2013/10/22: Nokia announced instagram will be settled in the Windows Phone market.

2013/11/21: Instagram officially logs into the Windows Phone 8 platform.

2015/12/10: Apple released the 2015 "App Store Best Apps" list, Instagram "best iPhone6S application."

2016/12/23: Instagram's live streaming feature was officially opened to all users in the United States.