About Mario Android TV Box UI Design

About Mario Android TV Box UI Design

UI is the user interface, the English abbreviation of User and interface. Literally the user and the interface 2 components, but in fact also includes the interaction between the user and the interface.

Interface design, in the long software development, interface design has not been paid attention to. In fact, the design of the software interface, like industrial design in industrial products, is an important selling point for the product. A friendly and beautiful interface will give people a pleasant visual enjoyment, closer to the distance between the computer, creating a selling point for the business.

Interface design is not simply a painting of art. He needs to orient users, use environments, and design methods for end-users. This is a purely scientific art design. The criteria for examining an interface are neither the opinion of a leader of a project development team nor the outcome of a project member's vote, but the end user's perception.

Therefore, the interface design and user research closely, is a continuous design for the end user satisfied with the visual effects of the process.

In the Human-Machine Interaction process, there is a level that we call the interface. Divided from the psychological point of view, the interface can be divided into feelings (vision, touch, hearing, etc.) and emotional levels. User interface design is an important part of the screen product.

Interface design is a complex project involving different disciplines. Cognitive psychology, design, linguistics and so on play an important role here.

User interface design of the three principles are: home interface under the control of the user; to reduce the user's memory burden; to maintain the consistency of the interface.