About Mario Smart TV box AV interface

About Mario Smart TV box AV interface

1:Prepare an AV cable, an end into the network set-top box AV output interface, the other end into the TV AV input interface, pay attention to the color of the plug and interface should be one to one;

2:Start the set-top box and the TV; press the TV remote control signal source key to switch the TV to AV mode, you can display the TV set-top box screen, indicating that the set-top box and the TV has been connected successfully;

3::Then you can use the set-top box remote control operation, set-top box to enter the TV set-up interface to find the wireless network settings, open the wireless network connection, search to find wireless router home wifi signal, click connect, enter the corresponding password connection succeeded;

4:Networking, you can start using the network set-top box to watch online TV shows.