About mirror technology

Current mirror technology-related technologies:

Mainly include Apple's AirPlay Mirroring, Intel's WiDi, AMD's AWD 3.0, WiGig Alliance's WiGig, Silicon Image UltraGig (Wireless HD), WHDI Alliance's WHDI, MirrorLink from the Car Connectivity Consortium, and Miracast.

In addition to WiGig and UltraGig use the 60GHz band, other technologies are using the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band, different technologies also have different transfer rates and video formats specifications.

AirPlay Mirroring is a technology-savvy unit with the hot sales of its iOS and Mac devices; WiDi enters the market with the benefits built into the Intel laptop platform;

WiGig technology transfer rates up to 7Gbit/s, and early in 2013 and the Wi-Fi Alliance merger, so the future development of concern.

UltraGig transfer rate can reach 28Gbit/s, but the technology is currently monopolized by the crystal, depending on whether the equipment manufacturers are willing to adopt;

WHDI also depends on the manufacturer's support for its exclusivity. MirrorLink's main target is in-car systems and defines both wired and wireless applications. Since it is the main push of the Automotive Alliance, it is more likely to be adopted by the dealership.

Developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance and based on existing Wi-Fi technology, Miracast is easy to integrate with existing wireless products. Therefore, there are more developers and especially Intel announced that WiDi version 3.5 will be compatible with Mircast. This shows that Miracast is by far the most promising technology

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