About the Streaming Media

In the network transmission audio / video and other multimedia information, there are two main download and streaming programs. 

A / V files are generally large, so the need for storage capacity is also large; the same time due to network bandwidth constraints, download often take a few minutes or even hours, so this approach is also a great delay. 

Streaming, audio, video, or other time-based media from the audio and video server to the user's computer continuous,Real-time transmission, the user does not have to wait until the entire file all downloaded, and only after a few seconds or ten seconds to start the delay can be watched. 

When the time-base media such as sound is played on the client, the remainder of the file will continue to be downloaded from the server in the background. Streaming not only makes the start-up delay ten times, it is shortened, and does not require much cache capacity. 

Streaming avoids the shortcomings that users must wait for the entire file to be downloaded from the Internet