About the WiFi

Wireless network in the area of wireless LAN refers to the "wireless compatibility certification," is essentially a commercial certification, but also a wireless networking technology, previously connected to the computer through a network cable, and wireless fidelity is connected by radio waves Network; common is a wireless router, then the wireless router in the effective coverage of the radio coverage can be connected using wireless fidelity networking, if the wireless router is connected to an ADSL line or other Internet access line, it is also known as Hot spots.

Wi-Fi is a technology that wirelessly connects terminals such as personal computers and handheld devices such as PDAs, cell phones and Smart Android tv boxes. Wi-Fi is a brand of wireless network communications technology, developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance Wi-Fi Alliance) for the purpose of improving the interoperability of wireless network products based on the IEEE 802.11 standard Some people refer to the local area network that uses the IEEE 802.11 series protocol as a wireless fidelity Even the wireless fidelity is equivalent to Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi is an important part of WLAN)