Advantages of 5G

Advantages of 5G

Enhanced Mobile Broadband (EMBB)

Two key facts of EMBB will drive adoption and value creation in the 5G economy. The first is extending cellular coverage into a broader range of structures including office buildings, industrial parks, shopping malls and large venues. The second is improved capacity to handle a significantly greater number of devices using high volumes of data, especially in localized areas. 

Massive Internet of Things (MIoT)

5G’s improved low power consumption requirements, the ability to operate in licensed and unlicensed spectrum and its ability to provide deeper and more flexible coverage will drive significantly lower costs with MIoT settings. This will in turn enable the scale of MIoT and will drive much greater uptake of mobile technologies to address MIoT applications.

Mission Critical Services (MCS)

MCS represents a new market opportunity for mobile technology. This significant growth area for 5G will support applications that require high reliability, ultra-low latency connectivity with strong security and availability. This will allow wireless technology to provide an ultra-reliable connection that is indistinguishable from wireless to support applications such as autonomous vehicles and remote operation of complex automation equipment where failure is not an option.

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