Android 7.0,Android 7.1 OS

Android 7.1 upgrade brings more than ten upgrades such as performance enhancement and picture-in-picture. In 2016, Google officially pushed Android 7.1.1 update. At the same time, the TV box industry has also launched Android 7.0/Android 7.1. What are the benefits of the Android 7.0 TV box?

Android 7.0

According to the introduction of Google I/O conference, Android 7.0 brings faster operation speed, new split-screen multitasking, native support for VR, native support for 4K core, notification message quick response and retrieving, new setting style, new pull-down shortcut switch page , Join night mode theme, traffic protection mode, save data function, improve Doze sleep mechanism, system level phone blacklist function, menu key quick application switching, file-based encryption function, keyboard theme, more than ten upgrades and new functions, The advantages of mobile phones are obvious.

At the same time, for the TV box, the TV box with Android 7.0 system has many advantages.

The first is performance improvement. Android N uses a new compiler, and the compilation speed is increased by 100%; the memory utilization rate of the TV box equipped with Android N system can be increased by 100%; the software installation speed is increased by 75% and the operating speed is increased by 600%.

Second, support for picture-in-picture. Google defines a standard PIP interface on Android 7.0. You can use picture-in-picture when switching channels. You can use PIP to present the perspective of multiple sports programs. And Android 7.0 supports a multi-window application scenario from the system level. On the same screen, it supports running multiple programs at the same time. On a single screen, multiple users can appear. This is of great significance to users, that is, your TV. Can be used more than one screen, such as when watching TV, can be associated with shopping goods, while watching TV while playing a small game, while watching a TV show while watching the game, can simultaneously meet the needs of several users watching different video content at the same time.

Third, the native architecture supports HDR/WCG, all 4K. Android 7.0 is aimed at the full upgrade of all 4K products. For the first time, Android native systems support the development of 4K value-added services such as HDR, VR, and PIP. The TV box based on the Android N standard interface can be seamlessly compatible with HDR/WCG, all 4K.

Fourth, the native architecture supports VR. The box solution based on Android7.0 will also be optimized for VR, including the use of remote control, mobile phone control perspective, etc., to achieve interaction with the video.

Fifth, security has improved. In terms of security, Android 7.0 added new security features and was applied to TV boxes, making it difficult for television boxes to be implanted in the back door, making it difficult to install phishing applications, and making shopping transactions with boxes safer.