Android 7.1 OS Android TV box

Android 7.1 OS Android TV box

At present, the high-definition player industry leader Hemeti Technology has high-profile announcement that its 4K high-end player is fully upgraded with Android 7.0. The specific products are Q5 four generations, Q10 four generations, Q16 four generations, H10 four generations, H1000, HD920B second generations. At the same time, the Android Seat HD player on Android 7.0 is downward compatible with Android 5.1.


For the high-definition player field, this system upgrade Android7.0 uses a new compiler, the compilation speed is increased by 100%; the high-end player equipped with Android7.0 system memory utilization can be increased by 100%; software installation speed is improved by 75. %, operating speed increased by 600%. The original Hi3798CV200 chip with 16G flash memory configuration now allows smoother playback of native 4K videos at high bit rates.

First, perfect picture quality, once again presented

The Android 7.0 system supports HDR/WCG from the native architecture, and the performance of the player's picture quality is better than that of the ordinary system. The HDR/WCG screen is more natural in color.

Take Haimeidi H1000 as an example, built-in Hass patent ExpressX image processing engine can adjust various image output color enhancements such as sky, grass, landscape, portrait, etc. according to viewing requirements.


In terms of sound effects, Sea Medi H1000 uses high-end chips from Hass 4K cinema-grade A5364-bit CPU, and supports Dolby Surround, DTX-X, DTS-HD, and DolbyDigitalPlus, which can create a comparable IMAX private home theater. Users shocked the amazing experience.


And, H1000 has an exclusive dual HDMI2.0a, supports dual-channel high-speed transmission, also has a professional-grade 7.1 decoding output capabilities, through the HDMI1 and HDMI2 simultaneous output of the two interfaces, you can achieve audio and video separation, picture quality is more beautiful, pure sound quality .


Second, the perfect decoding 4KUHD original video

Based on the upgrade of Android 7.0 system, Haimeidi high-end player can decode 4KUHD original video, and chapters, audio tracks, subtitles, highlights and tracks can be adjusted, allowing users to indulge in authentic native 4K Blu-ray movies.


At the same time, Mario Technology Android TV box is also fully upgraded Android 7.1, equipped with Amlogic S905X chip, to give customers high-quality, high-quality high-value enjoyment.