Android OS is far more capable than Chromecast device

Android OS is far more capable than the Chromecast device

Google Chromecast is fantastic, there’s no doubt. With it, without the problem, you can move images from phone to TV or run a couple of applications that support the Chromecast. However, that is all that this device can do. Android OS is designed much differently, as a much larger project.

When the producers of the television announced the release of Smart TV we were all thrilled with the idea that TV cannot do the same things as PC. Soon we realized that this is not so. Manufacturers of TVs were first stumbled on an operating system that is not compatible with today’s standards when the applications are concerned, so we had limited edition and limited quality of applications.

Another problem was the fact that an ordinary remote control cannot be used in the role of TV media player. All this did not work out too well, so manufacturers have launched Android Box players to justify their role and indeed they have proved that they are true multimedia centres and that the future of watching TV channels, movies, listening to music are with Android Based TV Box

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