Android tv box

Android TV box?

The Latest Android Box is a device that usually runs on the Android operating system, although there are versions that work on Linux operating rate policy.

This device in itself fuses several devices and turns the TV became Smart TV. 

The owners of these devices can surf the Internet through them and use all the services available on the Internet. You can check and write emails, can use social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Viber and others) can watch movies online through various websites, but also to use Youtube, and any program that we all use every day.

The Android TV Box how to watch movies, series, and other video material?

Perhaps the main advantage of each Android based box is Kodi / XBMC platform through which you can access various audio-video contents. 

This platform operates on the principle of applications that are installed and which contain different content. Many international TV outlets such as Russia Today and CNN have their applications through which you can watch their live program, but also all TV shows on Pay per View or video on demand, which is a function that gives you the ability to watch shows that have passed. 

On the other hand, many applications allow viewing the immense database of movies and series, and for most, there are subtitles in all languages so that you could watch movies and series without worry so it will be a real pleasure. No more need to upload PC to TV. Now, you can run all that directly from your TV.