Android tv box

Modern TVs, most often, have a built-in Smart function, which is designed to use online services - Internet, online video, online TV, thus turning a conventional TV into a home theater. But in the Smart TV TV most of the built-in applications work on a paid basis, and the installation of additional applications is not provided or is possible only with specialists. When choosing, buying a TV with a Smart function or without it, it's worth paying attention to multifunctional set-top boxes to the TV that do not limit your actions in setup and management.

One of the important advantages is the price of the Android TV set-top box. It is much more profitable to purchase such an Android media player than a TV with a built-in Smart TV, it's a fact. And will be more functional than Smart TV. Another advantage of Android TV BOX is its mobility. You can connect it to different TVs at home, at a party, at the dacha. And as on many prefixes there is an opportunity of connection to old TVs.

Android TV box is not just a multimedia player, but more like a mini-computer, only on the Android operating system, monitored by a TV (or other monitor with an HDMI input).