Android TV box

About Mario Technology Android TV box

Q:Is it free when I use TV Box to watch pay channel? 

A:The box is just a tool that makes you watch TV more convenient, whether it's free depends on the add-ons you downloaded, it's not decided by the box.

Q:HDMI cable not working?

A:Please check if the cable is plugged in tightly. 2,Check if the TV is set to AV output

Q:Do I need an account to log into Google Play Store?

A:Yes,Google Play Store requires an account originally, it has nothing to do with TV Box.

Q:Do you have xxx live app preloaded?

A:Our box preloaded part of add-ons, it can't cover all popular apps or meet all customers needs. Just like a mobile phone, there's part of apps in the beginning, the rest are for customers to install depending on their demands.

Q:Playing video is not 1080P.

A:You must make sure the video source supports 1080P, if not, TV box can't convert it to 1080P. Video source is the basis, TV box is just a tool.

Q:WIFI or 5G network can't be connected

A:Plz check if other device can be connected to WiFi, check if TV box is in the range of WiFi.2?There's a compatibility problem between WiFi and router when you use WiFi connection.

Q:WIFI connection very slow

A:WIFI connection has a speed change when you use it

Q:Where to download apps in KODI?

A:You can download apps in Google Play Store

Q:Is the TV box compatible with branded TV

A:It can be compatible with branded TV as long as the tv box has HDMI and AV port

Q:Does the firmware can be upgraded?

A:Part of TV boxes support it, please contact us 

Q:Can mobile HDD be connected to TV box?

A:Yes, it can be connected if there are USB Ports