Android tv box and Android TV

Android tv box and Android TV?

Android TV box:

An Android TV box is simply a TV box running the Android operating system. This is the same operating system as the one running on your smartphone, tablet and millions of other devices throughout the world. You can usually run most (if not all) of those apps on an Android TV box.

The Android tv box has different terms: Streaming media device, TV box, IPTV box, set top boxes, media streamer, HTPC, Kodi box, and Android TV box.

They're all basically the same type of device - something that gets content from your home network or the Internet to your television.

Android TV:

At the I / O conference in 2014, Google launched Android TV. It's a system that organizes your content into one platform for easy organization and searching - including Google's own voice search functionality.

Android TV is Google's attempt to run your media hub. We've seen similar efforts over the years from Microsoft (Xbox), Sony (Playstation and connected Blu-ray players), Roku, Amazon, Apple.

The difference between Android TV and an Android TV box, lies in the operating system itself. Android TV is a special version of the core Android OS. Android TV can not run every app, But, the apps that it can run are specified designed to be run on your television

You can only get Android TV on a higher-end, newer Smart TV, say 2015 and later. It's also available on a handful of high-end TV boxes like the NVIDIA Shield.

Not everyone can afford a new high-end TV or need something as powerful as the Shield. Android TV boxes offer similar performance, minus a few features, for a fraction of the cost.

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