Android tv box and mouse

Mouse: is the short name of the computer input device,sub-wired and wireless two. It is also an indicator of the vertical and horizontal coordinate positioning of the computer display system. 

It is named "Mouse" (RTHK mouse) because of the shape of mice. The standard name of "mouse" should be "mouse", English name "Mouse". The use of China UnionPay network mouse is to make the operation of the computer easier, to replace the keyboard that tedious instructions.

Infrared light scattering particle irradiation particles with light-emitting semiconductor and photoelectric sensor light pulse signal sensor (optical mouse)

Rubber Ball Transmission Grating Wheel LED and Phototransistor Epistar Pulse Signal Converter (Ball Mouse)

Mario Smart tv box control via the remote control and mouse,Enter, select, rewind, download etc...

All the operating can achieve through it.