Android TV box and WiFi

Wi-Fi is a technology that allows electronic devices to connect to a wireless local area network (WLAN), typically using 2.4G UHF or 5G SHF ISM radio frequency bands. Connecting to a wireless LAN is usually password-protected; however, it can also be open, thus allowing any device on the WLAN to connect.

Wi-Fi is a brand of wireless network communications technology and is owned by the Wi-Fi Alliance. The goal is to improve interoperability between wireless networking products based on the IEEE 802.11 standard.

Some people use the IEEE 802.11 series protocol LAN is called wireless fidelity. Even equating Wi-Fi with the wireless Internet (Wi-Fi is an important part of WLAN).

Mario Android TV box support 2.4G Wifi and 2.4G/5G dual wifi.usually 1gb/8gb tv box support 2.4G WiFi,and 2gb/16gb support 2.4G/5G WiFi.