Android Tv box AV port

AV interface is relatively early appeared an interface, which consists of yellow, white, red three color lines, of which the yellow line for the video transmission line, white and red is responsible for the left and right channel sound transmission.

AV interface for the first time separate video and audio transmission, but it is responsible for video transmission is only one line, so this transmission is the first brightness and color mixing, and then decoded on the display device.

Mario Android Tv box support HD port,AV port,can connect the TV via HD cable and AV cable.

The TV Box have tow types AV port:

One is AUX port,is the tv box have Yellow, white, red three colors port,usually use this port is the TV box with Output and input.

Other is 3.5 AV port,only have one port,support Output,and the buit-in antenna.