Android Tv Box ODM solutions

ODM manufacturers to design product solutions can be taken to buy or not buy way to provide the brand owner:

Bought by: the owner of the brand to buy ODM manufacturers off-the-shelf model of a product design, or brand owner alone ODM manufacturers to design product solutions.

Do not buy the way: the brand owner does not buy off ODM manufacturers a model of product design, ODM manufacturers can design the same type of product to buy at the same time to sell to other brands. When two or more brands share a design, the difference between the two brands is primarily the look and feel.

Mario Android TV box also supports this ODM solution.

Customers can buy out a certain Android TV box design, only as a customer's private model in the market for sale.

Alternatively, customers can design a product based on their own requirements and Mario Technology.

Or the Customer can choose a model, customize the hardware and software, and sell it in the his market, but Mario Technology also can provide this Android TV box to other customers.