Android TV Box PCB homemade process

Android TV Box PCB homemade process

Printed circuit board

The printed circuit board will be printed with a transfer paper, in which the best choice for printing production of circuit boards.

Folding cutting CCL

Circuit board with a photo board full diagram. CCL, which is covered with copper film on both sides of the circuit board, the CCL cut the size of the circuit board, not too large, in order to save material.

Folding pretreatment CCL

With fine sandpaper on the surface of the CCL polished oxide layer to ensure that when the transfer circuit board, the toner on the thermal transfer paper can be firmly printed on the CCL, polished good standard is the board is bright, no obvious Stains.

Fold the transfer circuit board

The printed circuit board will be cut into the appropriate size, printed circuit board attached to the side of the CCL, the CCL into the thermal transfer machine after the transfer, in general, after 2-3 transfer, the circuit board It can be very solid transfer on the CCL.

Folded corrosion circuit board

First check whether the circuit board is fully transferred, if not a good place to transfer a few black oil pen can be used to repair. Then it can be corroded, and when the exposed copper film on the circuit board is completely etched away, the circuit board is taken out of the etching solution to be cleaned, so that the circuit board is etched well.

Folding circuit board drilling

Circuit board is to insert electronic components, so it is necessary to drill the board.

Fold circuit board pretreatment

After drilling, with a fine sandpaper to cover the toner on the board polish, clean the circuit board with water. After the water is dry, it is coated with rosin water on the side of the circuit. In order to accelerate the solidification of the rosin, we heat the circuit board with a hot air blower to coagulate the rosin in only 2-3 minutes