Android TV Box support 2.4G and 2.4G/5G

Mario Android TV Box support 2.4G and 2.4G/5G,the remote control also support 2.4G remote control.

2.4G is a wireless technology, due to its band between 2.400GHz ~ 2.4835GHz


Low voltage, high efficiency

Low-cost, two-way high-speed data transmission

Small size (no external antenna)

With fast frequency hopping, forward error correction, calibration and other functions

Work in the global open ISM band, free license.

GFSK transceiver integrated circuit functions, with a very small size to achieve high-speed data transmission capabilities.

FIFO buffer, reduce the microcontroller in the data processing burden, to achieve low-cost MCU to complete high-speed data transmission solutions and RF applications convenience.

Meanwhile, 2.4G module JF24C transmission rate up to 1Mbps, and has fast hopping, Forward Error Correction, CRC and other functions, in the crowded ISM band to achieve stable and reliable data transmission.