Android TV box support H.265 decod

Mario Android TV box support decoding H.264/H.265

H.265 is a new video coding standard developed by ITU-T VCEG after H.264.

The H.265 standard revolves around the existing video coding standard H.264, preserving some of the original techniques, while improving some related technologies. New Technologies Use advanced techniques to improve the relationship between code stream, encoding quality, latency, and algorithm complexity to optimize settings.

Specific research includes: improve compression efficiency, improve robustness and error resilience, reduce real-time delay, reduce channel access time and random access delay, reduce complexity and so on.

H264 can realize standard definition digital image transmission under the speed of 1 Mbps because of algorithm optimization; H265 can realize 720P (resolution 1280 * 720) common high definition audio and video transmission by using the transmission speed of 1 ~ 2Mbps.