Android TV box support VGA port

VGA interface is a D-type interface, a total of 15 pinhole above, divided into three rows, each row of five. Among them, except for 2 NC (Not Connect) signals, 3 display data buses and 5 GND signals.

VGA interface color components using RS343 level standard. RS343 level standard peak voltage of 1V. VGA interface is the most widely used graphics interface type, most of the graphics card with this interface.

Some do not have a VGA port with a DVI video card, you can also convert a DVI port to a VGA port with a simple adapter, which is usually included with a video card that does not have a VGA port.

Most computers and external display devices are connected through the analog VGA interface, the computer internally generated digital display image information, the graphics card in the digital / analog converter into R, G, B RGB signals and lines, field Synchronous signals, signals transmitted through the cable to the display device.

For analog display devices, such as analog CRT monitors, the signal is sent directly to the appropriate processing circuitry to drive the control tube to generate the image.

For LCD, DLP and other digital display devices, display devices need to configure the appropriate A / D (analog / digital) converter, the analog signal into a digital signal. After the D / A and A / D conversion twice, inevitably caused some loss of image detail. VGA interface used in CRT monitors is understandable, but for connecting LCD and the like display device, the conversion process of image loss will make the display a slight decline.

Mario Android TV Box via HD port can connect the VGA port to connect the computer.