Android TV Box UI design flow

Android TV Box UI design flow:

Confirm the target user

In the software design process, the requirements design role identifies the target user of the software, and the needs of end users and direct users.

Collect interaction

Different types of target users have different interaction habits. This habit of interaction often comes from its original interaction with the reality of the process, there are interactive software tools.

Of course, on the basis of this research and analysis to find the user wants to achieve the interaction, and mobile UI interface

Confirmed by the process.

Prompt to guide users

Software is the user's tool. Therefore, the user should operate and control the software. The software responds to user actions and set rules.

For user interaction results and feedback, prompts the user results and feedback information, guide the user for the user needs the next step.


Software to be used by users, users must be able to understand the function of each element of the software.

If you can not understand for the user, then you need to provide a non-destructive way, so that users can operate through the elements to understand its corresponding function.

Can be achieved

Users are the center of interaction, interactive elements corresponding to the needs of users. So interactive elements must be user-controllable.

The user can interact with other interactive elements, such as keyboards and mice, by moving and triggering existing interactive elements to other interactive elements that were not visible or non-interactive before.


Software interaction process, the user can control.

Control function of the implementation process, the user can control.

If it is not possible to provide user control, the user is prompted in a manner that is understood by the target user.