Android TV dongle function

Android TV dongle function


Smart TV sticks connect to the Internet, watch TV, movies, watch news and even play games online; play content stored in their own memory even without surfing the web; advanced players can even install BT-downloaded software into smart TV sticks, Use free time to download content for easy viewing (of course, to comply with the law and respect for copyright). Some smart TV sticks, Swiss Infineon's smart TV stick AS206, not only can support a variety of video format files, because of its powerful CPU, if the TV supports 3D, LEGO Technology LG-ATS-004, LG-ATS-005 can be directly Decode "Double 1920x1080" 3D movie.


Smart TV sticks, also called "Android sticks", can be a working Android computer, send and receive mail, instant messaging software, Office document processing, etc., if the display in the office supports HD, and plug in a smart TV stick. . To play PPT to guests, you can bring a compact Android computer stick, insert the projector's HD interface, and use the same computer.


Cloud storage technology (such as Dropbox) is more and more common, many users usually take pictures of mobile phones, video, will be stored directly to the cloud, such as microblogging is a cloud storage. Back home, using a smart TV stick, you can easily see some of the travel playback on television. Convenient, easy and safe.