Best AndroidTV box,quality, price and service

With the change of people's lifestyle and the improvement of living standards, people's demand for home entertainment is also getting higher and higher. Under the wave of Internet+, OTT boxes have gradually become a must-have item in home purchase lists. With its compact size and powerful features, the TV box has become a smart center for home entertainment.

In 2017, Mario Technology and French designers collaborated to "break the traditional TV box design concept" and introduced two special and innovative Android TV boxes - the Q series. The box is mainly black, with a red bottom shell, black calm but low-key yet luxurious, red and lively yet elegant, the impact of color, coupled with unique meaning, once launched it has been praised by customers around the world. And on May 27, 2017, he obtained the Chinese intellectual property patent certificate.


Mario Technology devotes to new product development and technical innovation, based on the management idea " providing the best product, ultra value service and creating the value for customers. In addition, it insist on the objective Quality is the development root of the enterprise. Good Faith is the operation base, struggles the innovation by teamwork, with quick response and strength of development to fit for the market.

Many high-definition smart TV boxes from Mario technology are well received by users for their excellent picture quality, powerful decoding capabilities, and good user experience. With the industry's mainstream chips, the chip resolution capability is strong, provide large-capacity storage space, support 4K HDR decoding, and can play HD pictures without stress.

In 2018 Mario Technology will continue its efforts to give customers the latest products, best quality, best price and best service.