Bluetooth dongle

Bluetooth dongle, Bluetooth adapter

The usb wireless connector enables simple and fast additions of Bluetooth capabilities to all existing desktops and laptops, enabling existing computers to wirelessly connect and communicate with all nearby Bluetooth devices. Has many features, including:

Discover and manage remote Bluetooth devices, resources and services automatically with Bluetooth Manager.

Through a simple drag and drop, Bluetooth devices to achieve the sharing of documents.

Simple and quick synchronization between Bluetooth devices and databases.

Through the Bluetooth mobile phone or Bluetooth network access point wireless LAN and INTERNET.

Through the virtual communication port, using traditional serial-based applications

With wireless transmission, you can transmit voice with a Bluetooth headset. Support SKYPE communication.


Built-in antenna: the overall design, to ensure the clarity of the receiver and anti-interference.

Special design: lightweight and convenient design, easy to connect laptops and desktop computers, while providing the best communication environment.