DDR3 in Mario Android TV box

The frequency of DDR memory can be expressed in terms of operating frequency and equivalent frequency. The operating frequency is the actual operating frequency of memory particles. However, since DDR memory can transmit data at both the rising and falling edges of the pulse, the equivalent frequency of the transmitted data is transmitted. It is twice the operating frequency.

The old storage technology DDR is called DDR1, which distinguishes it from DDR2

DDR2 is the second generation of DDR SDRAM memory. It is improved on the basis of DDR memory technology, so its transmission speed is faster (up to 667MHZ), lower power consumption, and better thermal performance.

Compared with DDR2 SDRAM, DDR3 is a successor to DDR2 SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Dynamic Random Access Memory), and it is also a popular memory product specification.

And now,all the Mario Android TV box use the DDR3 memory.