DDR3 in TV box performance advantages

DDR3 performance advantages

(1) Smaller power consumption and heat generation: Lessons learned from DDR2, reducing energy consumption and heat generation on the basis of cost control, making DDR3 easier for users and manufacturers to accept.

(2) Higher operating frequency: Due to lower energy consumption, DDR3 can achieve higher operating frequency, to some extent make up for the shortcomings of longer delay time, and can also be used as one of the selling points of the graphics card. This is in conjunction with DDR3 memory. The graphics card has already performed.

(3) Reducing the overall cost of the graphics card: The DDR2 memory chip specifications are mostly 16M X 32bit, and the 128MB memory card commonly used in high-end graphics cards requires 8 cards. The DDR3 memory granules are mostly 32M X 32bit, and the single granules have a large capacity. Four GPUs can form 128MB of video memory. As a result, the area of the graphics card PCB can be reduced, the cost can be effectively controlled, and in addition, after the number of particles is reduced, the memory power consumption can be further reduced.

(4) Versatility: DDR3 is more compatible with DDR2 than DDR is changed to DDR2. Since the key features such as pins and packages are unchanged, DDR3 video memory can be used with the DDR2 display core and the public version of the graphics card. This will greatly reduce the cost of the manufacturer.

DDR3 is widely used in Android TV box, Mario company all the TV box uses RAM-DDR3