Difference between the speaker Hi-Fi and Hi-End

About the difference between the speaker Hi-Fi and Hi-End:

Generally speaking, both Hi-Fi and Hi-end have excellent indicators in the conventional objective technical parameters. However, if these conventional technical parameters are used to distinguish between Hi-Fi and Hi-end, the error is inevitable. Conventional technical parameters are the basic means and methods to measure the quality of audio equipment. A good technical parameter is essential for both hi-fi and hi-end. But people's hearing has limited sensitivity to technical parameters. For example, a few thousandths of a degree of distortion or a few tenths of a decibels of unbalance is hard for most people to detect.

But whether the design of the audio equipment maker or welding enthusiasts, all have such experience in their own practice, that is regular technical parameters of some technical parameters or technical characteristics of equipment sound, sound quality has a certain influence.

As far as the technical parameters of audio equipment are concerned, the usual hi-fi equipment is basically a conventional technical parameter that is pursued and guaranteed, and it is always striving to reach the highest possible index. In addition to conventional technical parameters, hi-end equipment often pays attention to deeper technical parameters and technical characteristics. Therefore, the hi-end device probably has no obvious advantages in conventional technical parameters, but its subjective hearing is very impressive.

There are many factors influencing equipment quality. Besides circuit design, the selection of manufacturing technology and materials is also crucial, which can be said to be one of the differences between Hi-Fi and Hi-end.

Hi-Fi equipment is in great demand and the design of manufacturing process is often as simple as possible to reduce cost. As far as possible, the selection of components also selects high performance price varieties.

However, the market of Hi-end is much smaller than Hi-Fi, so the Hi-end equipment attaches great importance to the manufacturing process, and usually pays great attention to the position of a wire and a solder point. The original parts used should be selected as best as possible. As for the appearance of the equipment, we always strive for the harmony and perfection of the appearance, so that the mechanical center of gravity and mechanical vibration characteristics of the equipment are not ignored.