Digital set-top box VS Mario Set top box

Digital set-top box, is based on the signal to receive the traditional set-top boxes of resources, through paid way, allowing users to watch a stable live and on-demand resources.

Mario Set top box, refers to the Android system network set-top boxes that young people are now using. Is to connect to the network, users install third-party software when the shellfish market to achieve more free video resources, and resources cover a wide range, in addition to the national television channel broadcast, as long as there are some film and television resources across the network, can watch through the network set-top box.

Digital set-top box VS Mario Set top box

One:Digital set-top box need paid, Mario Set top box is free for the internet.

Two:Mario Set top box connected home wifi software can be installed free to watch live TV,and Digital set-top box charges can only see fixed programs.

On the whole, the network set-top box is currently more popular with users, so to speak, the traditional status of digital set-top boxes is also being replaced.