Digital set-top box working principle

working principle

Set-top box of each module in the Internet high-speed access, work together. The user first requests a URL by sending a command. During a transaction using the PPP point-to-point protocol, the command eventually reaches the Internet Service Provider's modem-common rack.

Then through the dynamic allocation method, the user gets the IP address used in this transaction and sends the request to the Internet. When the Internet's content is found, it is sent to an Internet service provider (ISP) where the ISP router is responsible for sending it to the cable television network and finally to the user's set-top box.

In cable set-top boxes, the content was intercepted. Set-top box in the television and cable network to complete a gateway task. Its mission is to manage IP traffic and control user access to the network. Once an IP packet arrives at the set-top box, the video signal is decoupled from the packet, the data is decoded, and it is sent to the browser for preparation Display on the TV.