Fully loaded Kodi boxes and basic Kodi boxes

Types of Kodi Boxes

Fully loaded Kodi boxes and basic Kodi boxes.

Fully Loaded Kodi Boxes

Fully loaded Kodi boxes are Android boxes that come with many popular Kodi addons* already installed. There is no need to install and maintain the Kodi addons and system updates. These streaming boxes have an online update option and customer support that keep these boxes running smoothly.

Basic Kodi Boxes

Basic Kodi boxes gives the flexibility to create your own custom Kodi box. A basic Kodi Android box is equipped with optimal hardware and software to run Kodi. All of these boxes ship with Kodi pre-installed. Then you customize and install the addons, anyway you want. Kodi is a free open source software, that can be loaded onto just about any operating system. Kodi is also easily installed for free from the Google app store.

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