Google Android (roid) system of smart TV box

The concept of smart TV box rise in the smart tablet computer, with the smart market hot, smart TV box to bring new hope. 

Although the standard of smart TV box has not yet come out - even on its concept of understanding is not uniform. According to the relevant research, the current smart TV product box market is also hot up.

Data show that the market awareness of smart TV box was significantly lower than other TV products. According to IDC, from 2011 to 2015, China's smart TV box market compound annual growth rate will reach more than 60%; by 2015, about 90% of the TV will be equipped with smart TV, the market capacity will reach 76 million units. 

But now many home TV can not immediately buy the market smart TV, but you can also enjoy the smart TV, as long as the use of a Google Android (roid) system of smart TV box, you can achieve the function of smart TV. 

At the same time with the huge market of smart TV, the corresponding smart TV box market also usher in an explosive growth.