How about the VGA port

How about the VGA port:

Video Graphics Array (VGA) is a computer display standard that is proposed by IBM in 1987 and uses analog signals. VGA interface that is the computer uses VGA standard output data dedicated interface.

VGA interface, a total of 15-pin, divided into 3 rows, each row of five holes, the most widely used graphics interface type, the vast majority of graphics cards are equipped with this interface. It transmits red, green and blue analog signals as well as sync signals (horizontal and vertical signals).

This interface is the most important interface on the computer monitor, from the beginning of the blockbuster CRT display era, VGA interface is used, and has been in use so far, in addition to VGA interface is also known as D-Sub interface.

Many people think that only the HD interface can transmit high-definition signals, but this is a misunderstanding that everyone can easily access because the connection through the VGA can also display 1080P images, or even higher resolution, so use it to connect the display device There is no problem with watching high definition video, and although it is an analog interface, the loss in transmission is quite small due to the fact that the VGA breaks down the video signal into R, G, B primary colors and the HV field signals.