How is the TV cleaning and maintenance?

1. Please turn off the TV before cleaning, prepare a soft cotton cloth or glasses cloth, you can dipped in water (alcohol, washing spirit and other corrosive liquids please do not use the market for liquid crystal screen cleaning solution carefully use), dipped in water should not be over More, to avoid downstream water down. Wipe the process do not rub back and forth in a place, so easy to cause the screen indentation or damage; can be used from left to right, from top to bottom this way to wipe, first with a damp cloth, and then wipe with a dry cloth again The

2. In order to avoid short-circuit parts and moisture, the TV to stay away from the windows, home air-conditioning users, do not put the TV directly under the air conditioning or straight blow place to prevent dripping or humid air.

3. LCD TV on the use of ambient temperature requirements, more than 10-40 degrees range is not suitable for use, easy to shorten the LCD TV life and increase the probability of failure.