How to tell if the speaker belongs to HIFI

How to tell if the speaker belongs to HIFI:

Mario Technology all the bluetooth speakers are belongs to HiFi speaker,so how to tell if the speakers is belongs to HIFI?


This is the ultimate goal pursued by HIFI equipment. The frequency range of the human ear's perception of sound is approximately 20 to 20000 Hz. In music presentation, this range includes the lowest sound produced when the bass drum is struck and the highest harmonic over the triangular iron. In this area, the equipment must achieve a precise balance in the music camp. There is no deliberate enhancement or weakening, or deliberate neglect, reflecting the harmony and naturalness of music.


Another feeling of HIFI equipment is clear and clean. The subtle and intricate parts of the sound should be completely clear without any slight omission, and there is no sense that several parts of the sound stick together.

Space and layering:

That is, we often say that the feeling of leaving the box or like. The sound of hearing does not seem to come out of two speakers, but a real person sings and sings in one place. Good equipment can perfectly describe the positions of several voices, even to the number of people!


Simply speaking, it is the elasticity of sound. Good voice should be full of flexibility. For example, the rhythm of a drum beat, or a strong dance music, the rhythm should be continuous, rather than being cut off, or feeling out of breath.


Perhaps this is the best judgment. Thin to papery sounds are definitely not good. The sound of good HIFI equipment should be mellow and rich.

Listening resistance:

This is another important indicator for considering a set of HIFI equipment. If a set of audio sounds amazing, but if we hear too much and we feel that our ears are very tired and tired, then we can think that it is not very tolerant. Good equipment, no matter how long you listen, your ears will not be tired.


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