Installing Terrarium TV on your Android Box.

Installing Terrarium TV on your Android Box.

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources on Your Android Box.

To enable the unknown sources on your device, go to the Home screen of your device and search for the"Settings"tab, which allows you to change all the settings of your Android Box. Open the "Settings"tab by selecting it.

Search for the option"Security and Restrictions"in the personal category.

Now scroll down the screen to find the"Unknown Sources"option listed in the"Device Administration"category. Turn"On"this option. When you try to turn it On,it gives you a warning. Skip this warning and click"OK".

Step 2:  Download The APK of Terrarium TV on Android Box

Use the up arrow on the remote to open the browser.

Now reach up to the address bar and click"OK"button. Now, just type in the official download link of the Terrarium TV,i.e.

To scroll the site and select the APK link,click the pointer button and hover the arrow over the link by using arrow keys.

Once the download starts,you find the notification of it in the form of a blinking downward arrow in the notification area of your window.

Now to install the App, go to the"Apps"category on the home screen.

Open it and search the file manager. 

After opening the file manager,a"Local Disk"option appears.Select it.

A list of choices appears after that. Search for the option of"Downloads"and select it to open.

So here is your downloaded Terrarium TV Apk file.Go down,highlight it and then select it.