Kodi open source multimedia player

Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) is a classic open source free, cross-platform and extremely powerful professional multimedia audio and video player, including professional audio and video content management and decoding playback in one, providing suitable for mobile / TV / projection / large screen display Full-screen interface, wireless phone remote control mode of operation, and a very rich feature plug-in expansion, is definitely to create a home theater (audio and video center) and private film library necessary artifact!

Secondly, Kodi is a universal format HD player that supports decoding to play almost all popular audio and video formats, 3D, 4K HD what's no problem. It is the film, video, music, picture management and play in one, not only can read the hard drive, mobile hard disk audio and video content, the most important thing is that it can play and manage other computers through the LAN, NAS (network storage server) In the content. At present, Kodi support Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, iOS (need to escape). This makes it easy for anyone to turn intelligent devices on hand into a powerful audio and video player in the living room.