​LCD Projector

LCD Projector: LCD Panel Projector and LCD Light Valve Projector.

As the LCD projector better color reproduction, resolution up to SXGA standard, small size, light weight, is also very easy to carry, is the projector on the market mainstream products.

The projector uses the photoelectric effect of the liquid crystal to achieve the purpose of accurately controlling the light passing through the liquid crystal cell by using the electric signal.

LCD projector light source is a metal halogen lamp or UHP (cold light source), issued a bright white light, through the optical system of the spectroscope, the white light is broken down into RGB (red, green, blue) three elements of color light, Through the liquid crystal in a precise position, control of each liquid crystal in the light through and by and how much light through.

The color of the three elements of light in this way, through the projector lens accurately projected onto the screen, what point is the color, how much light intensity, are distributed well. In this way, the projection on screen forms a colorful image that is consistent with the source image.

Mario Android tv box via hdmi port connect the LCD projector,achieve the data output function.