Mario Android TV Box S905X chip VS S905 chip

The Mario Android TV Box uses the S905X chip, which offers advantages over the S905 in terms of power consumption and performance

About the S905X chip and S905 chip

The S905 inherits the benefits of the S905 and adds more customization goals to the dynamic market and customer needs. Similar to the S905, the S905X features a quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU and a five-core GPU. Optimized hardware and software design makes the S905X an advantage over the S905 in power consumption and performance.

The S905X offers significant advantages in system integration with CPUs, GPUs, multimedia codecs, audio codecs and internet ETH PHYs on a single chip. Moreover, in addition to the regular H.264 and H.265, the S905X also supports Google's VP9 for the first time. Compared to the VP8, the VP9 offers a 50% reduction in bitrate at the same image quality, larger encoding area, more color space, VP9 free, and has been used by leading content companies worldwide such as YouTube and Netflix To more cost control of the industry space.

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