Mario Android TV Box support H.265/HEVC

Advantages of Mario Android TV Box support H.265 / HEVC

H.265 / HEVC provides more different tools to reduce the bit rate. In terms of coding units, each macroblock / MB in H.264 is a fixed size of 16 × 16 pixels, while H.265 coding Units can choose from the smallest 8x8 to the largest 64x64.

Meanwhile, H.265's intra prediction mode supports 33 directions (H.264 only supports 8), and provides better motion compensation processing and vector prediction methods.

Data obtained through subjective visual tests show that the quality of H.265 encoded video can be approximately equal to or better than H.264 encoded video at a 51-74% reduction in code rate, which is inherently better than expected PSNR is better.

In the long run, the H.265 standard will be the 4K and 8K resolution choice for Ultra High Definition TV (UHDTV), the Mario Android TV Box support 4K UHD video play