Mario Intelligent TV box Android stystem

Mario Intelligent TV box working principle:

1.Network connection: network TV set-top box with the "network" is the word because it can connect to the Internet, re-use the network resources (video, pictures, text messages, etc.), so the network TV box are generally equipped with cable Interface and network cable WIFI card, is the user can easily link to the Internet.

2. TV display: the name of the "TV" is the word TV box mainly through the TV display, network TV set-top box T10 can not only link high-definition HDMI data cable, you can also link the traditional three-color AV cable, compatibility comparison powerful.

3. External devices: rich external device expansion interface, you can link the mouse and keyboard, camera, game consoles, external storage (U disk, SD card and hard drive), TV box T10 also equipped with remote control to facilitate the elderly on the box operating