Mario RK3399 Android Games box

The Mario RK3399 Android Games box have Type-C interface, built-in PCI-e interface, dual cameras support gesture recognition of the three major features, which will experience subversion of the box product experience, as well as support for LPDDR4 memory and many other new features, are ahead of the current mainstream products. Its six technical advantages of the box, enough to make the box in the game performance comparable to Sony PS, Microsoft XBOX series of high-performance game console.

1, USB3.0 Type-C interface, support Type-C Display Port audio and video output

2, HDMI2.0 interface, H.264 / H.265 / VP9 4K 10bit @ 60fps video decoding

3, built-in PCI-e interface, support for PCI-e-based high-speed Wi-Fi and storage expansion

4, dual camera image acquisition and processing, support gesture recognition

5, compatible with android, linux and other operating systems

6, support the mainstream game engine platform