Mario Smart TV box

The Mario Smart TV box is the ideal device for creating a home theater and enjoy all your content with high-quality audio and video. This is a multimedia center and, as you would expect, it is a device that offers several advantages in terms of connectivity. 

Use it to ensure that your family and guests have fun in the living room, whether watching TV or watching one of your favorite movies.

Mario Smart TV box has the possibility of HDMI connection. In this way, you can move your personal computer, Blu-ray player or video game console while ensuring the smooth transmission of data. It has a USB 2.0 port and an integrated micro SD card reader to access your stored files.

At the same time,Mario Smart TV box support Android 6.0 OS and Android 7.1 OS,it is the latest and most stable system, and Mario Smart TV box is compatible with Wi-Fi network, so you can enjoy a lot of content online.