Mario smart TV box, a new technology experience

Mario smart TV box, a new technology experience

Through a variety of advanced technology, let your TV into a smart TV. At the same time for your input and output connections provide more choices.

You can connect it to the TV/projection via HDMI, experience the pleasure of high-definition movies on TV/Projection; provide SATA interface, at the same time you can put plug-in hard disk and other content through his wonderful broadcast to the TV.

You can also use the somatosensory remote control, you can even treat it as a game console, in the TV/projection on a variety of interesting games.

Smart TV box, allowing you to enjoy the extraordinary charm of new technology and new technologies.

Massive software/games for installation and use

According to different CPU processor and the latest Android6.0 and Android 7.1 intelligent system version, provides more software compatibility and support, far more than the current MID software compatibility, Andrews market massive APK program available for download and installation, covering Online games, social software, large-scale 3D games, life guidance and music, education software. You've seen or used the application of everything.