Mario Technology Bluetooth HiFi speaker

Mario Technology Bluetooth HiFi speaker 

Hi-Fi stands for High-Fidelity and is a playback sound that is highly similar to the original sound.

To evaluate whether a sound system or equipment meets the high-fidelity requirements, it should generally be conducted in a combination of subjective listening assessment and objective index testing, and objective testing criteria should be the main basis. Because of the performance indicators of the instrument test equipment, it is undoubtedly the most scientific and trustworthy to obtain a very intuitive quantitative result for reference and comparison.

The Hi-Fi sound system can be divided into an integral type, a package type and a combination type.

The integrated sound system is to assemble various functions of equipment and speakers in a single chassis, and it cannot be disassembled at will. Such machines are generally low-end and popular machines.

The packaged audio system is designed by the manufacturer, and the various equipments can be paired together, and each unit can be disassembled.

The audio combination is based on individual preferences to choose various types of equipment, free combination.

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